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world's largest tiger shark pictures

Above, the world record (363 lbs) smooth hammerhead shark caught in 1999 by George Geyer. It was also taken off Faial in the Azores. (Photo, IGFA archives) (I  World’s Biggest Crocs Of All Times. Have a look at the world’s biggest crocodiles and alligators ever captured. They’re huge, they have a killer bite, and we A 20-foot-long shark is one of the largest great whites to ever be caught on camera. video of Deep Blue and wanted to share it with the world. Angler Walter Maxwell caught the biggest tiger shark ever seen at the Cherry Grove It is in the top two largest shark ever measured in the world the Canadian Another photo compares the size of the jaws of this shark with those of the 1100 lbs tiger shark was caught during monster shark derby on Martha s Vineyard, MA. IGFA 2001 World Record Game Fishe, 532, Caught by June Irene Turnbull  Shark Bay is so rich in biological and physical wonders that it has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s one of only a handful that meet all the A TIGER shark weighing more than 400 kilograms was caught during a fishing A 165kg Blue Marlin, caught on a 37kg line, was the winner of the major prize. The Hunter goes bald for World s Greatest Shave PHOTOS. The info to see of this is the World s biggest Tiger Shark ever caught is still pending, but jeeeezu Tiger Shark, Galeocerdo cuvier The Tiger Shark is a wide ranging species that is found throughout the world s temperate and tropical waters, with the exception  IGFA All Tackle Records for Shark, tiger. (Peron and Lesueur, 1822) CARCHARHINIDAE FAMILY also called leopard shark Occurs worldwide in tropical and  Ryan Spring caught an 809-pound, 12 7 , tiger shark off the coast of Port . The world record is 1,785 pounds caught in 2004 off the coast of  Fishermen in the Pakistani port of Karachi caught the world’s biggest shark � ever They reeled in one of the biggest fish in the sea a whale shark. The Express Bucky Dennis set the fishing world in a spin when he caught this massive great hammerhead shark at Boca Grande Pass, on Florida’s Gulf Coast during the May … Tiger sharks are found worldwide in warm waters. 2). They are one of the largest species of sharks in the world. 3). They are generalist