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how to unlock a row on excel

Let s say you have a number of rows of data, and you need to be To unfreeze, just select Window Freeze (you will notice that there is a tick  For instance, Preferences is under the menu Excel. Excel will put a thick line under the row to freeze. • To unfreeze the row, go to Window menu again and. in Excel 2010 lets you freeze portions of a worksheet, typically column and row View tab, choose Freeze Panes→Unfreeze Panes to unlock the fixed rows  All my files seem to default to a row height that will comfortable fit 4 lines of information. I have tried grabbing the bottom line of the row and PSULionRP, May 19, 2009, in forum Excel Misc. Replies 0. Views 227. After you have exported report output into Excel, you can use the following tips to quickly If you want to unfreeze the header row, click the View tab and select  USING DRAGON WITH MICROSOFT EXCEL � COMMAND CHEAT SHEET. Dragon Paragraph commands, such as New Line operate within the selected cell in Full Edit mode. Saying “apply” . lock/unlock this row/column/cell . Fill a cell  Learn how to unfreeze the top row of a spreadsheet in Excel 2010 so that it does not remain visible while you scroll down. When you are preparing a large statement or table in Excel, the column If you want to unlock the row, follow the steps again, and this time you  b Question /b In Excel 2002, I want to lock in my title row so that it need to unfreeze the panes first by using Unfreeze panes in Window